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A Little More About Me

Humble Beginnings

Born from a passion for creating handmade, unique items, I officially worked up the courage in late 2020 to opened my doors. I have always been interested in experimenting with materials of all kinds, always looking sideways at an object and thinking, "hmm, I can do something with that!"  What started as a curiosity, turned into a full-blown love for creating unique and memorable jewelry. My absolute goal is to make you think, "Huh, that's clever" or "Oh! I have never seen something like that before!" And if you have another idea and need help bringing it alive, I am here for that too!  I love working with customers to make pretty baubles you dreamt up yourself, or something to mark an occasion specifically for you. I source everything in the most ethical and locally or small-business way possible. 
To request an order, please contact me today.

The Story: The Story
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