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Introducing our Fine Silver Capricorn Pendant, hand-cast from a fine silver coin, and adorned with the mesmerizing allure of Ethiopian opals—a truly unique necklace that embodies celestial elegance and individuality. The Capricorn symbol, representing ambition and resilience, shines brilliantly in fine silver.


Adding to its celestial charm are the enchanting Ethiopian opals, known for their iridescent play of colors and mystical properties. Each opal possesses a mesmerizing array of hues—from shimmering blues and greens to fiery reds and golds—creating a captivating display of light and color that captures the imagination and the cosmos in a single gem.


The delicate chain elegantly showcases the Capricorn pendant, while the ethereal beauty of the Ethiopian opals adds a touch of celestial splendor to the necklace. 


As a one-of-a-kind piece, this Fine Silver Capricorn Pendant Necklace is a treasure, destined to be cherished for a lifetime. Whether worn as a symbol of astrological significance or simply as a statement of personal style, this necklace radiates with celestial grace and timeless charm—a testament to the beauty of the cosmos and the individual spirit of Capricorn.


  • 18" sterling silver chain
  • silver pendant is 3/4" in diamter
  • sterling silver lobster clasp with white topaz

Fine Capricorn and Opal Necklace

  • To ensure the longevity and beauty of your jewelry, please follow these care instructions:

    • Handle with Care: Opals are relatively soft gemstones that can be easily scratched or damaged by rough handling. When wearing or removing your necklace, handle it gently to prevent damage to the delicate opals and silver components.

    • Avoid Chemicals: Chemicals found in household cleaners, perfumes, hairspray, and cosmetics can harm both the sterling silver and opals. Remove your necklace before applying these products to prevent tarnishing or discoloration.

    • Store Properly: When not in use, store your sterling silver necklace with opals in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing it in humid environments, as moisture can cause tarnishing. Consider storing each piece separately or using jewelry pouches to prevent scratching.

    • Clean Regularly: To remove dirt and oils that can dull the opals' luster and tarnish the silver, gently wipe your necklace with a soft, lint-free cloth after each wear. For a deeper clean, use a mild soap diluted in lukewarm water and a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the necklace. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean cloth.

    • Polish Occasionally: To maintain the shine of the sterling silver components, you can use a silver polishing cloth or a specialized silver polish. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and avoid getting polish on the opals.

    • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Opals can be sensitive to extreme temperatures, which can cause them to crack or lose their luster. Avoid exposing your necklace to sudden changes in temperature, such as hot water or extreme cold.

    • Professional Care: For specialized cleaning or repairs, consult Rose or a professional jeweler experienced in handling sterling silver jewelry with opals. They can provide expert care to ensure that your necklace remains in optimal condition.

    By following these care instructions, you can preserve the beauty and luster of your sterling silver necklace with opals, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come. Thank you for choosing our jewelry—we hope it brings you joy and elegance with every wear!

  • Return Policy for One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

    At Rebelle for Kicks, I take pride in offering unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces crafted with care and attention to detail. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer the following return policy:

    Returns Accepted: We accept returns on jewelry items within 30 days of the purchase date.

    Conditions for Returns:

    • The jewelry item must be in its original condition, unworn, and undamaged.
    • The jewelry item must be returned in its original packaging, including any tags or labels attached.
    • The return package must include a copy of the original receipt or proof of purchase.


    • Custom-made or personalized jewelry items are not eligible for return unless they are defective or damaged upon arrival.
    • Sale or clearance items are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are defective or damaged upon arrival.

    Return Process:

    • Email initiate the return process and receive a Return Authorization (RA) number.
    • Pack the jewelry item securely in its original packaging and include the RA number on the outside of the package.
    • Ship the return package to the address provided by our customer service team. The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
    • Once we receive the returned item and verify its condition, we will process your refund within 14 business days. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used for the purchase.

    Damaged or Defective Items: If you receive a damaged or defective jewelry item, please contact us immediately to arrange for a replacement or refund. We may require photo evidence of the damage or defect for our records. Please note that our jewelry is handmade, not machine made, and therefore slight imperfections might be noted, this does not count as defective or damaged. 

    Questions or Concerns: If you have any questions or concerns about our return policy or the condition of your jewelry item, please don't hesitate to email I am here to assist you and ensure your satisfaction.

    I appreciate your support and look forward to adorning you again in the future!

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